Deadontime is progressive rock group with an emphasis on musical talent and entertainment. The band has a combined experience of nearly 70 years of playing music. They are serious professional musicians who play great rock n roll music the way people like to hear it it. Deadontime books events throughout South Carolina and surrounding area that range from clubs to auditoriums shows. They can also play small, intimate private events as well as large shows for 1,000 + persons. They are very interested in booking a show at your venue at the earliest possible time. Deadontime plays a progressive style of traditional and contemporary rock music. Please check out the website  for more information about the band. DOT is currently booking events for late 2010 and 2011. They are excited about the upcoming completion of their new CD, “Beyond the Hearse”.  To get a sampling of the band performing, see them in the Video section on the website.

Lincolnville’s innovative and unique rock band, Deadontime, consists of John Brinton, Sr.  from Washington, DC on percussion and lead vocals, Paul Dechene from Charleston, SC on guitar and backing vocals, and Rick “Phatt Bastid” Whitely from Baltimore, MD on bass, keys, and lead vocals. The band performs progressive and traditional rock tunes, and the guys pride themselves on their ability to move seamlessly from the likes of Rush covers to original material to intensified versions of 70’s and 80’s rock classics. As polished as this material may be, the band works hard to maintain a natural energy in their live shows, and according to John, "It's a whole lot of fun to be “Deadontime!"  When asked what makes them distinct, the group always answers with references to their time spent working on meticulously matching the music and vocals to the original and covered material. As driving as their instrumentation may be, Deadontime is a serious vocal band who prides themselves in clear precise lead vocals, tight vocal harmonies, and the best quality sound reproduction while at your venue.  Balance is the ultimate key in every live situation and the band strives to please its fans with something for everyone.  The band's current recording endeavor is titled” Beyond the Hearse”, which includes new originals by John, Paul, and Phatt.   The contents of “Beyond the Hearse” are intended to clearly demonstrate the potential to reach out to far wider audiences."